Fictional justice

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What would happen to the villains of children’s literature nowadays if the Crown Prosecution Service were able to make the mud stick? The Times consulted the Ministry of Justice…

*J.K. Rowling’s Lord Voldemort: 134 years in jail for crimes including genocide, murder, attempted murder, terrorism and child abuse.


*Mr McGregor, Beatrix Potter’s gardener and threat to Peter Rabbit: £6,000 fine for hunting rabbits without a licence.


*Fagin: 14 years for child slavery, 10 for grooming and six months for theft (not the gallows, as in Oliver Twist).


*Captain Hook: 69 years for piracy, incitement to violence, terrorism, theft, child abuse, animal cruelty and attempted murder.


Reported in The Times, Saturday February 1st 2014.




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October 15, 2016

Your’s is a point of view where real inlitlegence shines through.

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