Top Space - Themed books of 2023

2023’s Top 5 Space-Themed Science Fiction Books

This year’s array of books has been nothing short of fabulous. These new generation, space themed, science fiction books will never fail to transport you to an alternate realm where suddenly all things magical and wondrous are possible. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 space themed books of 2023.

1. DUNE (1965), Frank Herbert

The author, Frank Herbert, clearly understood the brief when they said, ‘space-themed’ science fiction. Set on a desert planet, we are led through a story of inhospitable worlds where nothing is valued other than the sought-after drug, ‘spice.’ With its’ ability to prolong life and consciousness; Spice is something worth killing for. If you are easily obsessed with space wars and battles, we recommend this book for you.


2. THE APOLLO MURDERS (2021), Chris Hadfield

Hadfield allows his readers to view the Cold War from an alternative, out of this world lens (‘literally’). He successfully paints an image of a top-secret mission to the moon, where 3 astronauts find themselves alone and vulnerable, in a small spaceship, far from help. This book effectively captures the essence of claustrophobia, tension and the loneliness of space, where everything is at stake to stop the soviet space station from spying on America.

3. CRITICAL MASS (2004), Daniel Suarez

This book encapsulates the importance of quick thinking and determination. It tells of two crew members, left stranded and hopeless when unforeseen circumstances occur during the commercial asteroid mining mission. Scary as it is, they are forced to build a spacecraft to carry out a rescue mission before the asteroid impacts the earth. Suarez perfectly describes the utter tension and uncertainty that these characters experience allowing you to constantly question whether they will ever reach the end point of safety.


Set on faraway Jupiter, Older beautifully describes the struggle of a human colony who must survive in a shelter installed with gas. When a man suddenly goes missing, an investigator follows his trail recruiting an unexpected ally along the way. Together, they fight to protect their possible future and return to earth.


Set aboard a distant claustrophobic star-ship, Brown has written a story that blurs the boundaries of horror and sci-fi. Filled to the brim with suspense this book follows the journey of the last of humanity. Charged with the responsibility of protecting the dying species of humans, Albright’s journey through space, faces debilitating challenges. With the crew on their last legs, they realise that a horror has been living undetected within the ship walls. As they begin to hunt down this intruder, safety suddenly feels far from close.



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