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The Connell Guide to How to Read a Poem

The Connell Guide to How to Read a Poem

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This book has one aim: to help you read, understand and appreciate poetry.

Do you really need a guide for that? Can’t you just get on and read some of the wonderful poetry that has been published in English?

You certainly can, but there are things you really need to know if you are going to get the most out of it.

Malcolm Hebron has spent years studying and teaching poetry. In this friendly, easy-to-read guide, he passes on what he has learnt while helping you read some famous (and not so famous) poems along the way...

ISBN-paperback: 978-1-907776-66-3

  • Listening to ghosts 
  • Section One: What?
    - What’s it about?
    - Stirring up our emotions
    - Looking for the conflict 
  • Section Two: How?
    - Under the bonnet...
    - Imagery
    - Sound
    - Rhythm
    - Structure
    - Line endings
    - Ambiguity
    - Poetic Language
    - A Famous Modern Image
    - Masculine and Feminine Rhymes
    - Having Fun with Rhymes
    - Queen Elizabeth’s Troubled Heart
    - The Sonnet
    - A Short History of English Verse
  • Further Reading  
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