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The Connell Guide to How to Write an Essay

The Connell Guide to How to Write an Essay

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What’s the secret of writing a good essay? How do you plan it? How do you start it? How do you end it? What do examiners really look for?

Dr Jonathan Patrick is the Head of English at St Paul’s Girls School in London. He is also an examiner.

In this invaluable guide, he tells you, clearly and concisely, how to write the perfect essay.

Essay writing is a vital skill. The better you are at it, the better you will do in your exams…

ISBN: 978-1-912401-98-7


Chapter 1: About this book

Chapter 2: The Question
My friend the question
Answering the question
Questioning the question

Chapter 3: Planning  
Overall essay structure
For and against
Other structures
Writing the plan 

Chapter 4: The Introduction 

Chapter 5: The topic sentence and the paragraph
The topic sentence
The Paragraph 

Chapter 6: The Conclusion  

Chapter 7: Writing about a passage or poem 

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