The Poetry of Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti is one of the most significant and enduring poets of the 19th century. Best known as the author of intriguing, haunting and sometimes troubling lyric poetry, she published three collections of verse during her lifetime and contributed poetry to some of the most popular literary journals of the period. Her poetry is important because it reflects and critiques some of the major intellectual, political and cultural trends of Victorian times; but its drastic vision is also one that can speak to us directly, inviting us to participate in its provocations and pleasures. . Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911187-61-5

Who is Christina Rossetti?

What is her poetry about?

Which writers influence her work?

What is Rossetti’s relationship to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?

Is Rossetti a feminist poet?

How does her religious faith influence her writing?

Interpreting “Goblin Market”
       What story does the poem tell?
       When did Rossetti write “Goblin Market”?
       What makes the poem so distinctive?
       Who, or what, are the goblins?
       What is the significance of the fruit?
       Who is Jeanie?
       How does Lizzie save her sister?

Conclusion: why read Rossetti?

Five Facts about Christina Rossetti
Selected Bibliograpy

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