Short Story Competition 2022






This years competition is open to all students up to current yr13.

All you have to do is write a short story of no more than 1000 words on

‘A Random Act of Kindness’

It can be in any setting and genre – just make sure that it’s your best! The

judges, presided over by Jeremy Paxman, will personally choose one winner

from up to yr 11, and one from yrs 12 & 13, plus 2 runners up.

They will be looking for the following:

• No more than 1000 words

• Any genre and setting

• An entertaining, enjoyable narrative

• Believable characters

Winners receive £100 plus 10 Connell Guides

2 Runners up receive 10 Connell Guides each

Entries close: 9th May

Winners announced: 23rd May


 Email entries to :-

Don’t forget to include your name, school name, age, school year and email address!


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