To kick off 2023 we’ve teamed up with our friends at The Day, a brilliant website that makes daily lessons out of news, and for many schools has become a one-stop shop for all their personal development teaching needs.

What we especially love about The Day is the way it makes the link between literary classics and the world around us today.

Love, war, family, climate, relationships, power, injustice. They are at the heart of current affairs, and of most great writing.

"We use The Day in a number of ways at Salford City Academy. The articles, related information, links and questions support our DEAR (Drop Everything and Read – whole school reading) programme as they promote discussion and debate on the social, moral and cultural issues raised by the different texts that students read in each year group. The defining and explaining of key vocabulary in the articles is also very useful and supports our wider focus on vocabulary and literacy in the academy."


Adam Rashud, Vice Principal

Teaching and Learning, Salford City Academy

Our Connections Offer

Connell Guides is partnering with The Day on its ‘Connections’ features, which help English teachers and librarians to make the link between set texts, important authors,and the real world.

Each Connection covers five key themes, be it love, women's rights, classism or language, and shows how these themes link to the modern world with up-to-date news stories.

Connections focus on a total of 48 set texts (all linked to the British GCSE syllabus) and aim to make lesson planning easier.

Subscribers of The Day are offered 20% off all Connell guides to the 48 set texts featured in the Connections articles, or 25% off a library bundle of all 48 guides.

The Day members: Just login to The Day’s website using your individual school login, select a Connections feature (from the 'Resources' menu) and scroll down to find the link for 20% off the accompanying guide.

The Day non-members: Schools can take a free trial for seven days to explore our Connections resources and access the special offer.
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