Connell Courses: Demystifying Shakespeare (DVDs + Books)

...At last, truly understand Shakespeare’s greatest works

As soon as you sign up to our first Connell Course you will receive every month:

  • One of our brilliant Connell Guides, written by top academics and beautifully designed, along with an excellent production from either Shakespeare's Globe or the Royal Shakespeare Company to watch on DVD - both delivered straight to your door
  • The complete text of the original play (as an eBook) so you can read the play and the guide side by side
  • A video interview with a leading Shakespeare expert
  • An interactive quiz to test your wits and you knowledge

      The running order for the first six months of the club will be:

      Month 1: Macbeth  Month 2: Twelfth Night  Month 3: Romeo and Juliet  Month 4: Othello  Month 5: King Lear Month 6: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


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