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English Student Subscription

Want to access our online library but your school or university doesn't subscribe to us yet? No problem! You can now sign up for an individual subscription and have access to the same materials as hundreds of the country's top-performing schools and colleges. A Connell Guides subscription is ideal for high-performing students with a love of literature who want to find original interpretations of a text and discover more about their subject beyond the syllabus.

What's included in a 12 month subscription? 

  • 6 eBooks of your choice 

Choice any 6 eBooks from our fast-growing library of Guides and Short Guides. You can choose any from our current or forthcoming titles. eBooks are accessed via our subscriber website and can be read in PDF or ePUB format, and you can add more eBooks to your library at any time. They are fully compatible with PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone (including iPad and iPhone). Your online library is easy to use and is secured with a username and password. All of the below digital content is also accessed via our subscriber website. 

  • 12 Literary Briefings 

Our briefings help you understand key literary theories such a marxism, postmodernism and psychoanalysis, and how to apply them in your essays. You'll get 6 briefings in your library now, plus 6 new briefings sent throughout the year. 

  • 12 Connell Videos 

Our videos - exclusive to our subscribers - feature leading academics, as well as well-known writers and actors, talking about their own interpretations of great novels, plays and poems. You'll also receive 6 new videos throughout the year. 

  • Text of the Week  

One of the best ways to learn close reading of a text, whether prose or poetry, is to learn from the way others do it. Once a week we will feature a poem or short passage of prose accompanied by 500-1,000 words of critical analysis. The slot will feature work by students from subscribing schools, with contributions from teachers, academics and the writers of our guides.


    1 FREE Connell Guide + 15% discount off all orders

    Subscribe to Connell Guides before 1st October 2016, we'll send you a FREE Connell Guide of your choice. You'll also receive a 15% subscriber discount off all orders for the duration of your subscription. 

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    For a virtual tour of our online library, please email or click here to schedule a time for someone in the Connell Guides team to call you back. 

    “For years I’ve struggled to find a way to help students understand set texts and what critics say about them. I genuinely think Connell Guides solve the problem.”
    James Wilton, Head of English, Repton School