English Subscription 2017

More than 300 schools now subscribe to Connell Guides, including almost all the schools that lead the GCSE/A Level ranking. A Connell Guides subscription is ideal for high-performing students with a love of literature who want to find original interpretations of a text and discover more about their subject beyond the syllabus. See below for more detail about the two different options and what the subscription includes.



A subscription for schools which don't need access to eBooks.
Includes unlimited access to 10 eBooks of your choice – available for all staff and students to download.
Ten printed books
Ten printed books & 10 eBooks
PLUS access to our online library which includes:

  • 12 Literary Briefings
  • 12 Videos
  • Text of the Week
PLUS all the other benefits of a school subscription (see left)
£175 (for 12 months)
£345 (for 12 months)

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