NEW History Subscription 2017

Subscription type
Printed Connell Guides 10 10 20
Access to our online platform
including our FULL archive of digital content
can be download by ALL staff and students at the school
15% discount 
on ALL orders

More than 300 schools now subscribe to Connell Guides, including almost all the schools which lead the A Level/GCSE rankings. 
Connell Guides History subscribers enjoy the following benefits as part of their first year introductory offer:

    10, 15 or 25 printed Connell Guides

    Choose any printed guides from our list of current or forthcoming History titles, including our new short guides.

    6 History Briefings 

    Our briefings help students understand key historical issues and movements such as The Protestant Reformation. You'll get 6 briefings sent throughout the year. 

    10, 15 or 25 eBooks 

    Choose any eBook guides - they can correspond with your choice of printed guides or you can choose other eBook titles. These come with full institutional licenses so they can be accessed by ALL staff and students at the school/college and come with unlimited downloads. eBooks are accessed via our subscriber website and can be read in PDF or ePUB format, and you can add more eBooks to your library at any time. They are fully compatible with PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone (including iPad and iPhone). Our online library is easy to use and can be accessed via IP login, so anyone using the campus network will be automatically logged in, or off-campus with a username and password. All of the below digital content is also accessed via our subscriber website. All of our new short guides in eBook format

    We will also be adding extra resources during the year, such as online lectures and revision packs, to ensure students have all the materials they need to understand their chosen topics.

    PLUS all subscribers receive a 15% discount on all book orders, including class sets

    "I sent an email to all pupils about the guides and they flew off the shelves!"
    Lucy Atherton, Librarian at Wellington College

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