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What Connell Guides do is bring immediacy and clarity: brevity with depth. They unlock the complex and offer students an entry route. 
Colin Hall, Head of Holland Park School 

More than 300 schools now subscribe to Connell Guides, including almost all the schools which lead the A Level/GCSE rankings. A new subscription to Connell Guides includes:

1. Ten Connell Guides

Choose any 10 printed guides from our list of current or forthcoming titles, including our new short guides.

2. Access to our entire digital archive

Organised into a user-friendly online library which staff and students can access easily:

  • eBooks: all our Short Guides in eBook format (click here to see our full list of short guides)
  • Literary Briefings: six briefings explaining key literary topics such as Modernism, Marxism, and Victorian Literature
  • Videos: twelve videos featuring leading academics, as well as well-known actors and writers, talking about great novels, plays and poems and offering their own interpretations
For a virtual tour of our online library, please email subscriptions@connellguides.com or click here to schedule a time for someone in the Connell Guides team to call you back. 


New content sent to you EVERY MONTH during the school term. We are also be adding extra resources during the year, such as online lectures and revision packs, to ensure students have all the materials they need to understand their core texts. All subscribers receive a 15% discount on all book orders and will be invited to special Connell Guides workshops and events, exclusive to our subscribing schools. 

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"I sent an email to all pupils about the guides and they flew off the shelves!"
Lucy Atherton, Librarian at Wellington College

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“For years I’ve struggled to find a way to help students understand set texts and what critics say about them. I genuinely think Connell Guides solve the problem.”
James Wilton, Head of English, Repton School