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The Connell Short Guide to Queen Mary I

The Connell Short Guide to Queen Mary I

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Queen Mary – or “Bloody Mary” as she’s better known – has a strong claim to be the most reviled monarch in English history. Her reputation has always been overshadowed by that of her much-eulogised half-sister, Elizabeth, and she has been memorably dismissed as “the barren Catholic bigot who married an unpopular Catholic prince”. But was she really as weak-willed and unpleasant as she’s been made out to be? In this incisive guide, Anna Neima looks at the successes and failures of her short reign, taking in the conflicting views of historians along the way.

ISBN- paperback: 978-1-911187-28-8


The turbulent early years 
How did Catholic Mary fare under Protestant Edward VI?
Mary’s rise to power
Was Mary a pioneer of female rule?
The failed Spanish marriage
The loss of Calais
The day-to-day of Mary’s reign
The restoration of Catholicism: success or failure?


Mary in person
The terms of the act for the marriage of Queen Mary
Five facts about Queen Mary I
Who was Reginald Pole?  
A short chronology
Further Reading

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