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The Connell Guide to Winston Churchill

The Connell Guide to Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill was the greatest wartime prime minister in Britain’s history. To his defenders he was not only the man who saved the West from the tyranny of Nazi Germany, but an exceptional human being, abounding in physical and moral courage, a genius who stood head and shoulders above his rivals. To his detractors, he was more of a liability than an asset in World War Two, sacrificing the interests of Britain to those of the Soviet Union and the United States. In this short, incisive guide, Paul Addison, the author of the Dictionary of National Biography entry on Churchill, analyses his extraordinary career and looks at the radically different ways in which historians have seen him.
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-907776-84-7

The early years 
How did the young Churchill achieve so much so quickly? 
From MP to Cabinet minister 
Did Churchill have a political ideology?
Why did he abandon the Tory party?
What did he achieve as a social reformer? 
Why did Churchill move back to the right?
What did Churchill think about votes for women? 

The First World War 
Was Churchill to blame for Gallipoli? 

The interwar years 
How did Churchill’s world-view change after World War One? 
How much of a blunder was the return to the gold standard? 

The rise of Hitler and World War Two 
How credible was Churchill as the “Prophet in the Wilderness” of the 1930s? 
How did Churchill become prime minister?
How did he establish himself in power? 
How good a military strategist was he?
Did Churchill pay too high a price for Britain’s alliance with the US? 
Did Churchill make too many concessions to Stalin? 

Why did Churchill lose the general election of 1945? 
What was Churchill’s post-war vision? 
Was Churchill a warmonger? 
What did his final government achieve?

Conclusion: The Churchill myth

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