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The Connell Guide to Nelson

The Connell Guide to Nelson

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Complex, talented and flawed, Horatio Nelson was probably the greatest admiral of all time. Famous above all for his brilliant defeat of the French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar in 1805, he was driven by a continuous sense of not being appreciated. But he also had an extraordinary self-belief: if he thought his way was better he would have no hesitation in breaking rules or conventions. There are many myths about Nelson: each country and generation has used his memory for its own purposes. In this short guide, Roger Knight offers a dispassionate view of the man and his achievements.


ISBN-paperback: 978-1-911187-46-2



How did Nelson achieve such rapid promotion in the Navy?

When did he first demonstrate that he was an exceptional commander?

What risks did Nelson take at the Battle of Cape St Vincent?

Why was his victory at the Battle of the Nile so important?

What misjudgements did he make at Naples during the summer of 1799?

Did he trick the Danes at Copenhagen in 1801? 

How successful was his command of the anti- invasion forces in the Channel? 

What was his state of mind at Merton during the Peace of Amiens?

How did he cope as commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean? 

Why did he have to chase the French fleet across the Atlantic? 62

What did the British victory at Trafalgar achieve? 


The Royal Navy in the French Revolutionary War
Nelson’s marriage to Frances Nisbet
Cuthbert Collingwood 26 “Band of Brothers”
Emma Hamilton
The first biographies of Nelson
Modern biographies of Nelson
The Bronte Estate in Sicily
Ten Facts about
HMS Victory
Nelson’s letters
Nelson’s Funeral
A short chronology

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