The Connell Guide to The American Civil War - RELEASE DATE 24 JULY 2017

**The Connell Guide to The American Civil War will be available on general release from  24 JULY 2017. All pre-ordered copies will be sent 2-3 days beforehand.** .

The civil war in North America between 1861 and 1865 cost around three quarters of a million lives. But the war’s significance doesn’t just lie in the scale of the violence: it is the great American story. For Amer- icans, in the words of historian Shelby Foote, it was the “crossroads of our being”. Whether the issue is the continuing struggle for racial equality, the scope of government, the place of violence in American life or the potential for war to achieve noble ends, the paths the US has taken since the civil war can be traced back to those brutal battles 150 years ago.

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