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The Connell Guide to World War One

The Connell Guide to World War One

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Ever since the collapse of the Third Reich, historians have grappled with a fundamental question: how was such a brutal, genocidal dictatorship possible in a modern, cultured nation in the middle of the 20th century? There are essentially two competing views: one, that Hitler was an all-powerful dictator fully in control of his government; the other, that Nazi decision-making was much more confused, driven by intense power rivalries and a “cumulative radicalism”. Where does the truth lie? Caroline Sharples draws on a whole range of different views to offer her own compelling account of how Hitler used the democratic process to seize power in Germany and create a violent and racist regime responsible for the Holocaust and for the most destructive war in history.
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-907776-88-5


The causes of war
Why was the rise of Germany so dangerous?
What was the effect of the Kaiser’s plan for a
powerful navy?
How culpable was Austria-Hungary?
Was Serbia a rogue state?
How much was Germany to blame?
Was Britain right to join in? 

The war
Why did the Schlieffen Plan fail?
Were Britain’s soldiers “lions led by donkeys”?
What did the United States think about the war?
What were the effects of the terrible battles
of 1916?
Why did the US finally decide to fight?
How did the war end? 

The aftermath
How fair was the Treaty of Versailles?
How did the First World War change Europe? 


German militarism
The role of imperialism
The rise of nationalism
The Moroccan crises
British complacency
Arguing over the causes
Sir Edward Grey
Ten facts about World War One
German atrocities
Douglas Haig
War in the Middle East
Conscientious objectors
The leaders of “the Big Three”
The war poets
The home front
A brief chronology
Further reading 

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