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The Connell Short Guide to Edward VI

The Connell Short Guide to Edward VI

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The reign of Edward VI, England’s boy-king, has alternatively been characterised as catastrophic or boring. But should it really be bundled up with his sister Mary’s as a “mid-Tudor crisis”? Was he a pawn in the hands of his advisors, or did he actually wield some power? Did “good duke” Somerset truly champion social justice while “bad duke” Northumberland’s power-hungry plotting brought the country to its knees? And who was responsible for the dramatic changes of the Edwardian religious reformation? In this concise guide, Anna Neima explores both Edward VI’s life and the debates thrown up by his brief but crucial years in power.

ISBN- paperback: 978-1-911187-29-5



The education of the boy-king

How much power did Edward wield?

Does Somerset deserve his reputation as the “good duke”?

The 1549 rebellions and Somerset’s fall

Is it fair to call Northumberland the “bad duke”? 

Who designed the “Devise for the Succession”? 

Who was responsible for the Edwardian reformation? 



Five facts about Edward VI
The impact of religious reforms  
A Short Chronology
Further Reading

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