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The Connell Short Guide to The Suffragettes

The Connell Short Guide to The Suffragettes

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The campaign for female political suffrage which erupted in the years before World War One was the most significant expression of feminist activism in British history. But the suffragettes were divided in their aims: should they try and win the vote for all women, or only for those in the middle and upper classes? They were divided, too, about tactics. Were the militants vital to the campaign’s success, or did peaceful activism, in the end, prove more effective? And how important was World War One itself in finally securing women the vote? Here Zoe Thomas examines both the arguments – and how historians have interpreted them.

ISBN- paperback: 978-1-911187-35-6



When did the suffrage campaigns begin?

What was the situation at the turn of the century? 

The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies 

The Women’s Social and Political Union

Building tensions, 1909-1914

Did World War One change suffrage activity?

What happened after World War One?



Millicent Garrett Fawcett
The Pankhursts
Five facts about Suffrage
A short chronology
Further reading

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