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The Connell Guide to The Third Reich

The Connell Guide to The Third Reich

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Ever since the collapse of the Third Reich, historians have grappled with a fundamental question: how was such a brutal, genocidal dictatorship possible in a modern, cultured nation in the middle of the 20th century? There are essentially two competing views: one, that Hitler was an all-powerful dictator fully in control of his government; the other, that Nazi decision-making was much more confused, driven by intense power rivalries and a “cumulative radicalism”. Where does the truth lie? Caroline Sharples draws on a whole range of different views to offer her own compelling account of how Hitler used the democratic process to seize power in Germany and create a violent and racist regime responsible for the Holocaust and for the most destructive war in history.
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911187-52-3


Germany before Hitler
What was the impact of the First World War on Germany?
Why did the Weimar democracy fail? 

The rise of the Nazis
What was National Socialism?
How did Hitler gain power?
Who voted for Hitler?

The consolidation of power
How did Hitler establish his dictatorship?
Was Hitler a weak dictator? 

Life in the Third Reich
How successful was Nazi domestic policy?
How widespread was German resistance to

Foreign policy
Did Hitler plan to go to war? 

Racial policy

How did “ordinary” Germans respond to the persecution of the Jews?
When was the decision for the “Final Solution”

How did the Third Reich collapse? 


The German Reichs
Pre-war Germany
Adolf Hitler: a brief biography
The day of Potsdam
Leading Nazis
Ten facts about the Third Reich
The “Cult of the Führer”
The Volksgemeinschaft
The Terror State
The Nazi–Soviet Pact
Victims of Nazism
Glossary of Key Terms, Institutions and Abbreviations
A short chronology
Further reading

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